Tivoli is a small city in the countryside chosen over centuries as a summer residence by emperors and cardinals. You will first visit the magnificent Renaissance Villa d’Este built by Cardinal d’Este in the XVIth century and famous all over the world for its wonderful fountains and for its Italian style gardens.

Later you will walk in the charming abandoned ruins of Hadrian’s Villa which is an exceptional complex of classical buildings created in the 2nd century A.D. by the Roman emperor Hadrian. It combines the best elements of the architectural heritage of Egypt, Greece and Rome in the form of an ‘ideal city’.

Between the two visits we can either have a short break in a local cafè or reach an excellent restaurant close to an ancient roman temple in a fascinating natural environment painted by hundreds of artists by the waterfall of Aniene river, sitting under the branches of a XVIIIth century wisteria.