Ancient Ostia lies at the mouth of the river Tiber and it was the sea port of Rome. Founded in the 6th century BC, its very well preserved ruins tell us the story of common people day-life in the roman age.

You will visit the most important public sites like the central square of the city, the Forum, with its temples and basilicae, the Thermal Baths, which were used for sports, personal care and, of course, for baths including sauna, a Roman theatre, one of the best preserved theatre still in use today, a warehouse where goods were stored called Horrea, a bakery of the 2nd century AD, a domus, roman villa of the rich families, an insulae, the mid-classes people homes and even a real roman toilet.

We’ll aslo include a stop in a roman “bar” called caupona where wine and snaks were offered to guests, or the thermopolium or popina, where the romans could buy a meal and eat it standing at the bar or seating outside on some benches.

You will have the unique opportunity enjoy the quiet and the superb atmosphere of one of the largest archeological areas in Italy.