About Francesco

Francesco was born in Rome. He grew up in Rome and spent his childhood visiting the city of which he knows every corner.
Dr. Francesco Angeleri is a licensed guide since the year 2000 for Rome and the Vatican City. He studied in Rome at the well known historical University La Sapienza (“The Knowledge”) which was founded in 1300. He has a University Degree in Architecture&Engineering that he complemented with several years study of Art and History. He has a well rounded education in the Humanities, Greek and Latin. Art has always been his main passion, and he has also worked with several contemporary artists in Rome organizing for them art sessions and exhibitions.
He speaks fluent English since he has been working for a long period for one of the most important international US company as a top level executive.
Due to his top level marketing and organization background, he is offering consultancy also as an art&trip advisor both for individuals&families and for business companies.

About Silvia

Silvia was born in the north of Italy but she moved to Rome as a teen ager and she fell in love with the city that she never left.
Dr. Silvia Frangipane is a licensed guide of Rome and the Vatican City since the year 2000. She is an Art Historian and she has spent more then 15 years studying art and history and the humanities. She has taken her degree on Art History at La Sapienza University, the most famous Roman university.
She is fluent in English since she worked for several years as a consultant for a US company traveling and working in the States. She is also fluent in French, having spent several months in Paris studying Art at the Louvre.
She is one of the few licensed guides who can provide authorized private tours inside the Papal Vatican gardens.
She has spent most of her leisure time traveling all over the world to widen her knowledge in art, history and archeology. She is descended from one of the most important Roman noble families.